How To Improve Your Well Being: Work on Your Emotional Intelligence

How To Improve My Well Being

The Urban Dictionary defines well being as, “the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic state of an individual or group.” Well being: the founders of America described this intrinsic desire as, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” These 3 things have been on the mind of America for 250 years. In terms of emotional intelligence, Well Being is the overarching decisive factor of Emotional Intelligence. Using our emotions to help make decisions is a relatively new idea in business. After all, aren’t we supposed to keep our emotions in check when leading people?

No matter what you call well being (joy, happiness, contentment, etc) everyone pursues it. This is why we go to therapy and seek counseling to overcome our struggles. However, I will say emphatically, those who pursue happiness never find it but those who pursue purpose, meaning and true community are more likely to find contentment and joy.

Are Health and Well Being the Same Thing?

This pursuit gets to the nature of spirituality. How about you? What are you chasing? Chances are if you are under the age of 35 your pursuit is to find your place in the world. Once success is felt our pursuit turns to significance. Here are some signs:

  • you are mid-life and wondering why you decided to pursue your current profession
  • you are on an inward journey inward to discover the true nature of being
  • or you have discovered the work that makes you happy and are attempting to have an impact greater than self

If you are over 35 and haven’t experienced this yet, you will. Things like simplicity, your emotional state and personal relationships tend to bring greater joy.

Your Sense of Well Being Not an Issue

So you’re over 35 and haven’t experienced any of this? Don’t worry you will! Millions of Americans are treated every year for mid life crisis. But, it is only a midlife crisis if you do something crazy. More divorces occur and more sports cars, boats, motorcycles are purchased at the time more than any other. But this doesn’t have to be the case no matter what Dan Draper tells you! Slow down, take a deep breath and ask yourself some questions.

Check Your Emotional Well Being

  1. How satisfied am I with my life?
  2. Do I have fun at work? At home? With others?
  3. Do people genuinely enjoy my company?
  4. How do you I feel about myself??
  5. How optimistic am I about life?
  6. Do I have people I can share the good and the bad times in life?
  7. Who can I be vulnerable about my difficulties?
  8. Is life a journey that I value?
  9. Is my life enriched with learning?
  10. Are there things in my life that motivate me to be a better person?

Relational Well Being

How could you improve your relationships with others by becoming more self aware? Do you want to look back on your life in 5, 10 or 20 years and wish you had better relationships with the people closest to you? Do you have a project or idea that could help other people? Why not start this process today?

You may want to check this out for a better understanding of self awareness.

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