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OUR Vision

Total Quality Leadership is not a new idea for our firm. Our President & Founding Partner initiated a turnaround effort that was instrumental in the western expansion of a Fortune 500 company over 20 years ago. He used Total Quality Leadership as a visionary concept. A total quality leader is authentic, transformational, and spiritual. This combination of attributes is what separates the average leader from the total quality leader. We are a team of coaches representing all aspects of personal and professional coaching as well as business coaching that represents all disciplines of business from strategic direction to financial accountability. We will lead you better skills, which will scale your department or business to your desired levels.

Every one of our clients desires to have greater levels of certainty of identity and mission. We will help you answer the most difficult questions of life. Executives and business owners who work with us develop their skill-set to grow their people, productivity, and profits.

Our founder, Creed Branson, is a lifelong learner and a strong leader who helps individuals and teams discover how they can have their greatest impact in life or the marketplace. He helps identify vision and mission through revealing passions and core values. He is also gifted at identifying areas where people and organizations are stuck and setting action to overcome these obstacles.


Monthly Accountability is an email or text-based accountability. This option is perfect for the busy executive or business owner. We’ll help you earn your next promotion or learn how to dominate the marketplace.

We help small ($300k +/-) to medium size businesses ($3mm) double their sales and profits in 3-5 years. We do that because we thoroughly understand where we can help and where we cannot.

The ability to lead others is what separates a contributor from a leader. It is what separates the solopreneur from the team builder. We offer both leadership development as well as personal development training.

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Stan Rodda


I am very appreciative for my time with Creed. He was able to help me walk through many different leadership situations, becoming more aware of potential pitfalls and coaching me how to lead through them well. I am a growing leader because of his coaching.

Riley Shane


As a musician, I have been amazed at how much Creed has been able to help me process things in my life. In the business and craziness of life, Creed has asked me questions in such a way that I have been able to address problems in my life that I could not do on my own.

James Parker

Executive Director at The nZone

In many of my past business relationships, I either allowed people to win at my expense or I won at their expense. Creed has helped me understand that we both need to win or no deal. This was a huge step, and as a result of thinking win/win, my business relationships have soared.

Heather Witherspoon

Life & Leadership Coach

I personally have had the privilege of being coach-mentored by Creed. He has been exceptionally open and vulnerable in sharing his life experiences, giving me the opportunity to grow and develop organically as a coach. Whether coached or mentored, all those who share in his gift are better for it.

Wayne Lewandowski

Senior Cyber Security Sales Leader - VP of Global Sales HyTrust an Entrust Co.

Creed has provided me the insight to become a more effective leader. His analysis assisted me in understanding how I project and communicate, and how members of my team/customers/partners may be perceiving this.

Matt Blanck

Program Manager for M&S of ISR systems at Signature Research Inc.

I am amazed at how strategic Creed’s coaching was in helping me find and answer the key questions necessary to determine and remove the large roadblocks in my life. Our time together quickly helped me determine what was keeping me from pursuing my calling and allowed me to further accept the adventures God has been leading me towards.