Transforming Your Leadership – Scaling Your Business

“Total Quality Leadership is the
art of inspiring the right people to do
the right things the right way!”

Monthly Accountability is an email or text-based accountability. This option is perfect for the busy executive or business owner. We’ll help you earn your next promotion or learn how to dominate the marketplace.

We help small ($300k +/-) to medium size businesses ($3mm) double their sales and profits in 3-5 years. We do that because we thoroughly understand where we can help and where we cannot.

The ability to lead others is what separates a contributor from a leader. It is what separates the solopreneur from the team builder. We offer both leadership development as well as personal development training.

Why us?


Total Quality Leadership is authentic leadership. Authentic leaders are comfortable in their own skin; they are content with their strengths, weaknesses and preferences. Humility and a strong desire to do what is right are the guiding principles for an authentic leader. Gone are the days when command and control were effective. Hierarchical top down leadership is a thing of the past. TQL leaders lead their companies or departments as a flat organization. While the leader may be in charge of a large number of people, they see themselves as just another member of the team.


Total Quality Leadership is transformational. Every team member is better because of the bond that takes place when doing something that matters. Liminality (a rite of passage) and community occur in the journey and everyone on the team is better as a result of their time together. Team morale and productivity soar even in the face of difficult times.


Total Quality Leadership is spiritual leadership. Meaning and purpose are core principles in spiritual leadership. Finding the best in people in the face of difficult conversations is easier for the leader who reports, not just to their boss, but to some greater meaning in their life. They provide hope to their teams. They genuinely love their people and wouldn’t want to do there work together with anyone else

We offer easy on ramps to coaching and consulting through our monthly accountability process. Here you will find laser coaching and group coaching options. Other opportunities for personal and professional growth come in the form of long term engagements. Creed usually works with 2-4 businesses at a time, which is where we see the most impact for our customers.

Workshops and speaking engagements are another way to engage our services.  Read more

We offer leadership training solutions that help you deal with professional problems from time management to goal setting and dozens of other resources. We also offer help of a personal nature from self-improvement to self motivation. Learn more