Coaching and Consulting

Transforming Your Leadership – Scaling Your Business

Our customer is a business owner or corporate executive seeking improved skills and better performance from their team. We help small to medium-size businesses ($300k – $3mm) double their sales and profits in 3-5 years. We do that because we thoroughly understand where we can help. We serve these same business owners and corporate executives by helping grow their skill set to impact their business, team, and career.

Leaders don’t know what they don’t know! Every successful leader is a few decisions away from derailing their business or career. We help in this area by identifying blind spots and possible obstacles to growth.

Not enough leads? Lack of systems within your business?

We help you grow your business without having to sacrifice in other areas of your life.

The Solution

We will engage in short term coaching and consulting but this in not where our clients see the most benefit. Sure, we can help you build a plan, teach you leadership and help grow your business. But as Creed learned in his first business class and has never forgotten; getting great results is a process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Your problems live in one of these four categories.

Long term partnerships are where our clients receive the most benefit. Our Team at Total Quality Leadership has decades of experience in for profit and not for profit businesses as well as non profit businesses

What you need is the right strategy, the right marketing, the right operations, the right metrics and the right systems. The more complex your business the more you need the right people doing the right things in the right way delivering the results you expect

When you hire a business coach, you should expect something that you can act upon during the engagement period. In fact, at Total Quality Leadership we begin every engagement with a period helping clients discover their problems and opportunities. We regularly hear clients speak to symptoms of their problems without getting to their core issue.