Make Your 2018 Resolutions Stick. Address Your Self Awareness

What Is Your New Year Resolution?

Give yourself the gift of self awareness. I’m usually a pretty healthy guy. I measure my caloric intake, exercise regularly and keep a pretty disciplined schedule. But I let loose last night (December 31, 2017). Now I didn’t over drink but I did eat things I don’t normally allow myself to eat. So today I have a food hangover.

And today is the day millions of Americans will set some resolutions for 2018

Not one to stay up until midnight we attended a party last night and saw the New Year come in. We saw fireworks overlooking Boca Ciega Bay in the frigid Florida air. Yes, it is cold in Florida but not by northern standards but cold nonetheless. It’s all what you’re used to. And last night it plunged into the 40s. Sorry for you folks who will see single digits as your high today.

How To Make New Year Resolutions and Keep Them

About 45% of all Americans will make New Year resolutions. In another study about 88% of all resolutions will fail. If these statistics are correct just over 5 percent of the total U.S. population will make a New Year’s resolution and keep it! What is to blame for such terrible results? Poor planning and poor habits!

How To Make A Good Plan

As a successful manager and professional coach I can say with complete assurance the answer is a good plan and regular feedback. Yup, you need to understand your vision for your future, develop a strategy and have a way to regularly measure your results. If you want to lose weight you need to know how much weight, by when, a scale to measure your results and the discipline to log your results every time you eat something. You need self awareness. So is self awareness the real answer? Maybe, but if you dig one question deeper I think the answer is self regard.

How To Build Self Confidence (or Self Regard)

Everyone loves the motivational speaker that stands in front at the national conference whose sole job is to get people fired up. And this works great! For about 2 hours. Then reality sets in. The real answer lies in how you feel about yourself. Do you believe (feel, think, understand) that you deserve to lose those unwanted pounds? Self regard is one of 15 emotional intelligence components, however, self regard is quite possibly the hardest of all of them to turn. In a post from a few days ago I stated that,

If emotional intelligence were a house, emotional self awareness would be the basement. Our belongings and our emotions spend much of the time sealed up and out of sight

If emotional self awareness is is the basement then self regard is the doorway to the basement. And, I’m not just talking about low self regard, which can be very dysfunctional; but also overly high self regard too! Both groups have blind spots. Appropriate levels of self regard are seen when people understand their value and their shortcomings, and they are okay with them. They see themselves as valuable but not complete. They know they need other people in their lives. There is a certain interdependence about these people. They know that no one is good at everything. Self included!

Want To Assess Your Emotional Intelligence?

If you’ve snooped around my website you know that one of the areas where I help people is with emotional intelligence. There are four different reports available for individuals and one workshop for a team report.

Give Yourself a Gift

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May your 2018 be all that you’ve dreamed it will be!

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