How To Become Successful in Business

How To Start A Business

Or, how to become successful in business: Wouldn’t you love to have the answer to this question? What if there was some magic formula you could drink and you would immediately be successful? What if there was some process you could implement that would bring you the success you’ve always wanted? Would you buy it?

What if the process included knowing yourself better? Or, if it required knowing how others view you? What if you had to assess your personality? Your strengths? Your core competencies?

So what’s the difference between the first paragraph and the second one?


How To Succeed in Business

The first paragraph is all about taking the easy way to success. Is that possible? Sure, some achieve fame and fortune without hard work. Sheer luck or being part of the Lucky Sperm Club. You know this, people who had everything handed to them because of a parent or in law. Actually, I’m very happy for you if you’re one of these people…but you know this success brings a different set of problems: nepotism, jealousy and envy from others, under-developed skills, etc

How To Become A Successful Businessman or Woman

The second paragraph “comes dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.” (Edison) There is no magic formula for success but there are steps you can take to greater levels of success. Every leader, in the absence of significant training, begins their career by using a stick, then a carrot, then a carrot and stick…or they begin by trying to befriend their subordinates. The manager trains and develops his/her new friend, but later realizes this recipe doesn’t work long term either. It is hard to hold friends accountable for their results. How does this fit with your question, “how to become successful in business.”

How To Be Successful In Life

There is no magic formula but there are steps you can take and they all begin with you:

1.  Know who you really are – your identity, and what you really want – your vision

2.  Know your strengths and weaknesses

3.  Know your core competencies

4.  Know the things that trip you up

5.  Know your triggers that cause you to trip up

6.  Get regular objective feedback

7.  Remain open to change and learn new skills

8.  Choose wise counsel

9.  Know what you are good at. These could be strengths but they are definitely the things where you have been complemented

10. Know your core values and passions

11.  Develop a vision for your future

12.  Develop annual missions or mandates with quarterly action steps

13.  Have a plan: begin with items 1 – 12

So, do you agree there is no magic formula? If you’ve experienced any difficulty as a leader you already know the answer. Even so, there are at least 12 things you can do to become a better leader…of your self, your family and your career. Why not start today?

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