Manage Stress By Using Emotional Intelligence

How To Deal With Stress

We can manage stress by using emotional intelligence. Stress is inevitable but too much stress is a silent killer! Stress comes in many forms: distractions, over work, a pushy boss, lack of focus, difficult relationships and more. Of course, the big stressors are death a loved one, divorce, cancer or other medical diagnosis, moving and career change. Anything that causes us uncertainty is bound to bring a certain level of stress. There are things you can do to manage stress. For more on how to properly express your feelings.

How To Cope With Stress

Of the 15 elements of emotional intelligence there are 7 that will help with stress management:

  1. Emotional Self-Awareness: knowing exactly what you are feeling
  2. Emotional Self-Expression: being able to express your feelings
  3. Problem Solving: finding a solution to the problem
  4. Reality Testing: an objective evaluation
  5. Flexibility: willingness to change
  6. Stress Tolerance: the ability to be relaxed and composed when faced with difficulties
  7. Optimism: hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something

How To Deal With Anxiety

These 7 elements of emotional intelligence listed above are tools that can be applied to overcome anxiety.  More importantly, applying the previously mentioned 15 elements to daily life leads us to a greater sense of identity and mission. But, what can you do to prevent stress? Let’s face it the tough times will come. You are either coming out of a storm or being prepared to take on your next storm. There are things you can do to ensure you are ready when it hits. We either treat storms as hurricanes or tornadoes. We can prepare for a hurricane and decide to sit it out or move to a better location. However, tornadoes can come all of the sudden. All it takes is a strong Canadian north wind colliding with a strong southern wind from the Gulf of Mexico.

Ready to understand your emotional intelligence? Check out this video

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