Why Do People Become a Life Coach?

Why Life Coach?

Why did you become a life coach? I get this question often. It is the rare person who really knows what a life coach does for a living. So my job begins by educating people as to the day in the life of a coach. Next, I tell them the difference between a coach and a therapist and a mentor. I then tell people I’ve thought of myself as a coach for decades, which to some extent is true. But to a large degree is false. You see the governing body for credentialed coaches developed core competencies years ago, and by these standards I was only coaching some of the time, which meant I was mentoring or disciplining subordinates most of the time.

Once I had this realization I enrolled in an approved life coach training program that would provide training but more importantly practicum. This is where I really learned how to coach. If you really want to learn a language you must immerse yourself into the culture to get to the conversational level. Why would life coaching be any different? And, why would you hire a coach who doesn’t have a credential to confirm their legitimacy?

But the question you asked Google is,

Why Does Life Coaching Work?

I coach because I must. I coach because every person on the planet wants to live a more fulfilling life, and I know I can help them. It is the joy of seeing someone overcome some past struggles or discover their true values and passions or implement a plan to achieve their wildest dreams that makes my heart beat fast. It is helping people become the person they’ve always wanted to become that gives me the greatest satisfaction! Becoming a great coach begins with the desire to lead people to a better place. All the coaches I know share this sentiment.

I have been a leader since I was in Elementary School where I became the Vice President of our local 4-H Club. I was a leader in High School soon became a manager at a local restaurant before graduating. I have led people my entire life right up to my last position in the corporate world as a VP of Operations, and later Chief Operating Officer for a mega-church while also overseeing a multi-million dollar Indoor Sports-Plex. What I lacked in intelligence I made up in plain hard work, and a strong desire to learn. As important as this I had great bosses who took a real interest in my personal growth.

Why Get Life Coaching

So, why do people coach? Great coaches are learners first but they are also curious and compassionate. Without any hesitation, I can say these are among my core values.

We all desire community, contribution and meaning to live a fulfilling life. Hence, this is the reason why people are looking for a life coach. Something is missing or wrong with your life. You feel like an imposter or you have believed some lie that you have carried all of your adult life. Or you have worked your entire life climbing a corporate ladder and you realize now that you’re on the wrong ladder. Or you need the intimacy of close friends, want to contribute to something greater than self or you’ve lost your purpose.

Don’t give up or settle for anything less than your greatest dream! Why would you? If you don’t hire me, hire a different coach. You could do it alone but you’ll get it done faster with someone who genuinely cares about where you want to go.

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