Live Long and Prosper; The Key to Abundant Life

Want an abundant life? Wide is the path that leads to destruction. Narrow is the path that leads to life. When I lived in Missouri I did my share of hunting; birds (quail and pheasant), rabbits, turkey and deer. Hunting deer and specifically big bucks requires some skill. These male deer will allow the smaller inexperienced deer and the does to take the point when moving. These guys aren’t dumb. If there is going to be venison on the table they don’t want any part of it. The bucks will also take a more difficult path than the does. So an experienced hunter will find the wide path but won’t stop there. To bag the buck the hunter will locate the narrow path. Bucks know the narrow path leads to life.

The Principle

My point is this principle can be applied to other aspects of life. I’ve applied this concept to my coaching business. Usually, someone doesn’t like something about their behavior but haven’t been able to change. They are looking for an abundant life. The problem is they keep trying to solve the problem using methods learned long ago. All of us model what we’ve seen in our parents, teachers, clergy and other mentors.

The problem, though, is that people pick up their habits rather haphazardly over the course of life through repeating what they see their models do.*

We observe the actions of the people we most admire and follow their example. These actions become habits. Neural pathways are created like the doe trail. It’s easy to travel. It gets beaten down. Poor behavior long enough leads to destruction.

How Do We Change?

To make real change we need to have a clear idea of our current behavior, and a compelling vision of our desired future. In other words we need self awareness or someone willing to speak into our life with truth peppered with grace. You can’t learn this stuff from a book. It is on the job training. But you can take some shortcuts. This is where personality assessments, Strengths Finders, Emotional Intelligence assessments and other testing can help. It is also where a good life coach can help. You can also grab this free gift from my website.

If you want to be the big buck take the narrow path. As you walk that path the neural pathway will get wider and easier. It isn’t always easy but the reward is great for those willing to blaze the trail. What one thing can you do tomorrow that will get you to your desired future?

*Primal Leadership, pp 155, 156

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