Awesome Baby! A Turning Point In My Life

I met Dick Vitale in 1999 while working as a regional VP of operations for a large pizza company. He signed the basketball pictured here because my wife died from her bout with breast cancer several months before. Diane was a trooper right up to the end. I was a wreck. Many people tried to help me, but I sank into depression and bitterness, and considered ending it all myself more than a few times. There were others who contributed, but meeting Mr. Vitale and the Volvano family was one of the turning points in my journey back to real life. The thing I noticed most about Dick is his love of life and his excitement helping people overcome difficult struggles. Do you know Dick’s famous saying?

“Awesome Baby!”

1999 seems like an eternity ago. I’ve made one career change into vocational ministry and have begun the next venture into life change. If there is one thing I’ve learned we have the ability to improve our circumstances and forge ahead. With the right motivation and plan we can achieve almost anything we set our sights on.

Dick was with the Volvano family who had lost their beloved Jimmy in 1993. Jim was the basketball coach for North Carolina State and led the team to the NCAA championship in 1983. Jimmy was also ACC Coach of the year twice. Dick Vitale introduced him as the first recipient of the Arthur Ash award. You can watch the now famous speech here:

Jimmy and Dick started the V Foundation and this is why I met Dick and the Volvano family. We met in Denver, Colorado doing a celebrity event. I would later watch the 1993 video and realize that life is to be lived. Our problem sometimes is we have our priorities all messed up. So as Jimmy would say,

“Troubles and even cancer may affect your life but it should never affect your heart, mind or soul! Don’t Give Up. Don’t Ever Give UP!”

I’ve been able to move beyond my circumstances with the help of Karen, my wife these past 16 years. We’ve been through many things and are looking forward to semi-retirement and using our experiences to help others. My life experiences and coach training make me a unique person to help you make the small or large decisions in life that will lead you to an abundant life. A life of joy and adventure await you. Are you ready to grab it? Are you prepared to do what is necessary to achieve it? What has to happen to you before you get focused? Are you waiting for a tragedy? A catastrophe awaits us all. Why not begin now?

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About the author: Creed is an accomplished leader and Professional Certified Coach motivated by a passionate drive to help individuals and organizations reclaim their clarity for personal achievement and organizational effectiveness.

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