EQ Trumps IQ! Emotional Intelligence Versus Cognitive Intelligence

EQ Trumps IQ Every Time

Ask any group of people to list those things they most admire in the most qualified or skillful leader they know and then look closely at the list. The results will fall into three categories:

  1. Cognitive Intelligence
  2. Functional Experience
  3. Emotional Intelligence

How about you? What is on your list? I recently completed this exercise with a group of 11 other people and the results were overwhelming. The vast majority landed on the emotional intelligence page.

What is EQ or Emotional Intelligence

A simple definition is the art and science of managing one’s emotional and social functioning in a deliberate fashion. While this competency may be unconscious, it exists nonetheless in the most successful people. EQ is categorized into five composites with three elements each.

Here they are in no particular order:


  1. Self-Regard
  2. Self Actualization
  3. Emotional Self-Awareness


  1. Emotional Expression
  2. Assertiveness
  3. Independence


  1. Social Responsibility
  2. Emapthy
  3. Interpersonal Relationships

Decision Making

  1. Impulse Control
  2. Reality Testing
  3. Problem Solving

Stress Management

  1. Flexibility
  2. Stress Tolerance
  3. Optimism

How Is EQ Differ From IQ?

In contrast, EQ can be developed. IQ remains fixed. So, EQ Trumps IQ! Hence, this knowledge may be the thing that will grow you faster than nay experience or functional knowledge.

Another question I get is how does EQ differ from personality testing? EQ addresses behavior and personality testing address type. The two most common tools for personality are Myers/Briggs and DISC. Type is specific to the individual and their preferences for extroversion over introversion or thinking versus feeling for example. Type is great for awareness of self but really isn’t something to be developed. Consequently, Emotional Intelligence may be the most important driver and it is something you can develop.

About the author: Creed is an accomplished leader and Professional Certified Coach motivated by a passionate drive to help individuals and organizations reclaim their clarity for personal achievement and organizational effectiveness.

*Multi-Health Systems, Inc (MHS)

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