Impulse Control (Gluttony) and EQ

Impulse Control – resist what is best

In my teaching to become a Certified Coach I learned there are five levels of human maturity. The first level is complete dependence as a tiny baby and the fifth is the ability to synthesize and to recognize complexity. The third level is typical in our adolescence. We have all observed grown men and women behaving like teenagers. Perhaps something happened to these people that makes them unable to escape the trauma thrust upon them during their formative years. Perhaps they were wronged by someone they trusted or they were unable to defend themselves against someone stronger or misguided. Consequently, they harbor bitterness or think the world owes them something or perhaps even worse.

The Solution

Their cure as is the prescription for all of us is to confront the past and recognize that all of humanity is frail; and, our imperfections have been thrust upon others to their detriment. No one can go through life without causing others pain. However, your life is no accident! If you need therapy you should reach out to someone today. Or, are you seeking to maximize your effectiveness? You are called to something better and sometimes that means hard work.

Consequently, the most important step you could take would be to develop your self-awareness. Cognitive intelligence (IQ) is one thing but emotional intelligence (EQ) is the driving factor for success in life.

Grow Emotional Intelligence

  1. How are you going to get in touch with your emotions? And your,
  2. Assertiveness?
  3. Emotional expression?
  4. Impulse control?
  5. Self regard?
  6. Optimism?
  7. Interpersonal relationships?
  8. Self actualization?
  9. Well being or happiness?

Do you want to know how your attitudes and actions effect others? If not now, when?

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