Fame and Fortune or Humility and Service

Fame and Fortune or Humility and Service. Which will you choose?

Awareness of this temptation is of particular interest to me. I have the idea fought fame and fortune for many years. One of the reasons I have been purposeful in choosing a position that operates in the background is knowing how fame and fortune would negatively impact me. Conversely, in the world we now live, we must be willing to advertise our abilities, our certifications and our services.

Fame and Glory

The allure to be the guy on stage talking about their latest book or leading a workshop at a national conference is appealing but this is a problem if this is what we seek. Our desire should be to long to help people and less on fame and fortune. In other words, as it relates to this imperfection, we tend to take credit for things instead of finding joy in our service. We may have extraordinary gifts or talents but understanding our purpose is far greater than fame. Honestly, the fact that I need to market myself in the way I have seen fit could be perceived as this very imperfection. May I always stay focused on my service and avoid the allure of fame!

  1. Are you identifying more with others’ opinions and less with the service you provide?
  2. Are you focused on your career over your family or friends? Your spiritual journey?
  3. Are you living vicariously through your children or someone you admire?
  4. Have you been accused of being selfish?
  5. Do you gain too much satisfaction from praise?
  6. How are you supporting your community?

Having trouble with these questions? Do you want to take steps toward contributing to something greater than yourself? When will you take these steps?

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