Some Healthy Change For 2016

All of us want some healthy change right? Well, I think we all want to be healthier but it’s the change that gets in the way. Ever wonder why some people are just not happy or content? Or, have you ever met someone who suffers from a blindspot and everyone around them is aware but they are oblivious?

We are all on a journey in this thing called life and true contentment is possible. The interesting thing is that in order to find true happiness, we must want to change. Yet no matter how much we try, the change we seek seems impossible. Perfection in the Greek refers to the process of becoming better today than I was yesterday, not being without flaw. We’ve all heard, “admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.” Is this the first step to healthy change? I’m not sure I agree. I think a desire to be complete is the first step to wholeness. Let’s begin with a self assessment. Review the following seven character flaws * and ask yourself, “Do I suffer in any of these areas?”

  1. Pride – to condemn others and become impatient with their faults. To compare themselves to others
  2. Avarice – they are never happy with the status quo. While this is good for a leader this fault can negatively affect one’s interior life
  3. Fame – their motivation is for fame not service
  4. Wrath – impatience, always on edge, lack sweetness
  5. Gluttony – resist hard work of becoming who God called them to be
  6. Envy – unhappy when others do well
  7. Sloth – running from that which is hard. The aim is sweetness and feeling good. *

Now I must admit I have experienced each one of these but it is much easier to see them in other people. A good friend of mine tells his friends regularly that a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes so s/he doesn’t have to make those mistakes.

There are times when we need the help of a professional to help us sort through life. Counseling or mentoring is a good choice for some. Coaching may be the choice for others. I have been the recipient of all three of the above, each offers a benefit unto itself.

My specialty is as a Certified Professional Coach. Over the next several weeks I will be posting a blog that addresses each of the above mentioned spiritual imperfections and how you can successfully navigate through each one of them.

Where are you today with these character flaws? Where do you feel called to make change? This begins with awareness and being open to hearing from others. Sometimes we can simply see a flaw in other people and ask, “Do I see this problem because this is so like me?” Look at the imperfections of others and ask yourself or someone close, “Do I have this problem?”

Then, stay tuned as we walk through these together over the next few weeks.


* Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero

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